Virtual Terminal &
Billing Solutions

ECRYPT gives businesses the ability to manage payment operations from one place. Easily build checkout flows, conduct transactions and run reports for as many locations as you’d like in your ECRYPT account.

Everything you need to

Manage Payments

Cross channel payments​​

Expand your payment stack and manage both card-present and card-not-present transactions from one place. Accept payments from any sales channel and sync data to your ECRYPT account.

PCI Level 1 Compliant​

Keep customer information safe and stay out-of-scope for PCI compliance. Our tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) protects cardholder data throughout the entire transaction life cycle.​

Custom Business Settings​

Create your customer experience and customize business settings to streamline backoffice operations. Turn to ECRYPT’s APIs and SDKs for even more customization with your own applications.​

Virtual Terminal

ECRYPT’s Virtual Terminal offers businesses a powerful suite of tools to accept both card-present and card-not-present transactions from one central control center. Drill into each transaction to manage refunds, voids, and receipts. Sync your data across all sales channels to avoid fragmented reporting and customize features to fit your business needs.

Payment tools that will boost

Productivity and Cut Costs

Interchange optimization

ECRYPT helps B2B companies take advantage of interchange discounts. Automatically pass level 2/3 data so you’re always getting the best rate possible.​

Contactless Payments

While consumer behavior quickly evolves in today’s climate, ECRYPT’s point-of-sale solutions helps you adopt new payment methods and best practices so you’re always ahead of the curve.​

Accept all major payment methods

Accept key payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Support new and upcoming contactless methods like ApplePay.​

Account Updater​​

Automatically update expired credit cards. Account Updater keeps your subscription flowing and boosts retention without lifting a finger.​

Ecrypt Invoicing

Create fast and fluid checkout experiences with payment popups

Recurring Billing

Send customers a payment link via email or embed buttons on your web pages.

Multi-Location Management

Streamline accounts receivable operations and offer customers an easy way to payoff outstanding balances

Powerful Reporting

Hosted payment fields give developers the freedom to integrate payment functionality virtually anywhere

Integrations that will grow
revenue for your platform

Save time and manage multiple gateway IDs from one place. Super admins can quickly switch accounts to manage different locations and view unified reporting. Create chain of command and assign users to their specific work places. ECRYPT makes multi-location management easy and provides comprehensive data across all your stores.

Accessible Statistics

View crucial analytics at a glance. ECRYPT displays the most common KPIs throughout your account without having to create one-off reports or conduct time-consuming searches

Get started with ECRYPT

Make the switch to ECRYPT today and reap the benefits tomorrow – you can sign up and start accepting payments in no time. Need some help? Connect with our team to discuss custom payment flows, migrations and pricing. 

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Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.​

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Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.