Ecrypt Platform

Explore the end-to-end payments platform designed for rapid growth. Whether you’re a brick-and-motor shop in need of a reliable POS solution, an e-commerce site looking for advanced processing tools or a software provider wanting to facilitate payment services – ECRYPT can help.  

A Platform Built For You

Enterprise Ready​

Scale faster with a gateway that was built for enterprise​

Custom Builds

Work with our developers to create unique experiences​

API-First Platform

A payment platform tailored to developers

Cloud EMV

Card-present transactions are now easier and faster than ever before. ECRYPT’s WiFi enabled terminals speed up initial setup and driver updates. Cloud EMV removes the burden of tethering devices to your workstation so you can position your checkout area wherever you’d like.

Billing Solutions

ECRYPT gives businesses the ability to manage payment operations from one place. Easily build checkout flows, conduct transactions and run reports for as many locations as you’d like in your ECRYPT account.

ISV Integration

Integrate your own software applications with ECRYPT to offer seamless point-of-sale functionality and grow revenue with ECRYPT’s partner program. Our APIs and SDKs make it easy to create remarkable checkout experiences with customized displays, email and SMS receipts, tip management and more

Hosted Payments

Convert more sales with compelling online checkout experiences. Our secure order forms removes risk and gives you the freedom to accept payments with peace of mind. Select the perfect checkout experience from ECRYPT’s template library and start selling products in minutes

Financial Reporting

View detailed insights of your payment flow and dive even deeper into transaction data. ECRYPT unifies analytics from all card-present and card-not-present sales channels so you can manage all of your data from one place

Payment Security

ECRYPT’s security engine protects every credit card transaction and reduces the risk of fraud. Stay out-of-scope for PCI compliance and let us take on the heavy lifting of keeping cardholder information secure

Get started with ECRYPT

Make the switch to ECRYPT today and reap the benefits tomorrow – you can sign up and start accepting payments in no time. Need some help? Connect with our team to discuss custom payment flows, migrations and pricing. 

Get a test account

Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.​

Explore our API

Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.