A different approach to payments​

Founded in 2009, ECRYPT is the future-focused and solutions-oriented sibling of Preferred Payments. The company was born from a desire to create a truly unified and user-friendly payment platform. Our ambition was to craft an elevated customer experience that also gave developers more freedom for customization — and ECRYPT is the fruit of our passion and innovation.

The Preferred Payments founding team has designed an end-to-end payment solution focused on advancing financial technology, building personal relationships, and helping businesses prepare for long-term growth. We’re excited to welcome you on this journey — and we’re with you every step of the way.

We go beyond the ability
to accept payments.

With so many commerce options available today, businesses deserve a payments platform that is intelligent, customizable, and built for growth. At ECRYPT, we’ve crafted a payment solution that addresses everything we wanted to see in the industry — a system that helps both businesses and software thrive. Accept, manage, and scale payment operations with ease — all while taking advantage of on-demand support from real people who want to see you win.

Making the payments industry personal

One of the biggest failings of the payments industry is a lack of reliable support. ECRYPT does things differently. We believe that the customer experience is paramount, and we’ve backed this up by providing a system that’s designed to help your business succeed. Every ECRYPT merchant, no matter their size, gets a dedicated account manager to bring the human touch back to payment services.

Smarter, easier, better

We offer the knowledge and guidance make ECRYPT more than just a payments platform. As your partner, we help you leverage best practices to streamline operations, improve EBITDA calculations, and scale your business for long-term growth.

Get started with ECRYPT

Make the switch to ECRYPT today and reap the benefits tomorrow – you can sign up and start accepting payments in no time. Need some help? Connect with our team to discuss custom payment flows, migrations and pricing. 

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Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.​

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Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.