Enter Web3 with ECRYPT

Bridge web2 and web3 within one powerful platform. Accept payments in crypto, expand your DeFi applications, and adopt blockchain technology with ECRYPT.

Accept Crypto Payments Anywhere

Streamline your checkout process by incorporating crypto payments into your order forms, invoices, and
payment links. With ECRYPT, you can:

Payments Globally

Accept crypto payments globally

Support Major Tokens

Support major tokens like BTC, ETH, and dozens more.

Simple Wallet Connections

Fast and simple wallet connections for your customers.

Blockchain Payment Verification

View and manage transaction data for all major blockchains in one place.
  • Verify your transactions on multiple blockchains directly in your dashboard.
  • Easily access transaction history anywhere, anytime.
  • Get notifications on transaction statuses.

Intelligent Fraud Prevention

Welcome legitimate users and block out fraudsters. Our KYC and verification solutions ensure safe and compliant crypto transactions.

DeFi Opportunities

ECRYPT’s powerful API opens up endless possibilities for DeFi. With ECRYPT, you can:
  • Facilitate deposits and withdrawals for your exchange
  • Embed crypto checkout on multiple sales channels
  • Easily scale NFT marketplaces with secure buyer/seller verification
  • Integrate crypto payments with your web application

Get started with ECRYPT

Make the switch to ECRYPT today and reap the benefits tomorrow – you can sign up and start accepting payments in no time. Need some help? Connect with our team to discuss custom payment flows, migrations and pricing. 

Get a test account

Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.​

Explore our API

Test our API and explore ECRYPT before going live.