Why payment security is critical for online transactions

A growing number of consumers worldwide do their shopping online. As such, many businesses have adapted to accept online transactions—or even switching to ecommerce entirely. However, all that data transmitted and stored online is at risk from outside threats. Hackers and other malicious entities could use the customer’s personal details and other sensitive information to […]

Becoming PayFac vs. partnering with a processor: the pros & cons

More and more SaaS companies are beginning to add payment processing services to their product offerings. There are major benefits to this, as opposed to that of leaving it up to customers to connect their third-party merchant accounts. Integrated payments give platforms more control over their payment experience, are able to streamline the customer payment […]

PCI Compliance Requirement Checklist

When customers purchase, they trust the company to protect their credit card information from prying eyes. How a company processes payments and protects customer information helps build customer loyalty and avoid costly government fines and penalties. Using a PCI-compliant system allows you to operate your business without the worry of extra fees or legal problems, but how […]